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SMS Marketing UAE: SMS Shortcode UAE

SMS marketing is becoming more and more popular in UAE and so SMS advertising services are as well considered by many. SMS services are guaranteed to be high quality providing you with the assurance of peace of mind since every SMS will be delivered in a very secure and timely manner to all the potential customers. We are as well to provide numbers of great benefits if you are to consider SMS Marketing in UAE.

Aside from SMS marketing in UAE there will also be SMS Shortcode UAE known to be the key for a two-way customer communication process. The simplest way for numbers of companies to receive and send SMS within large volumes would be through 4-digit shortcode in UAE. And that is no other than the Smart Vision UAE Short Code service. The said service could be the perfect solution if you are to send quick alerts to numbers of employees, customers and team members. There will also be an assurance of instant replies. Even compared with other regular mobile numbers, short codes are considered to be easier to remember and could also lead to be the brand identity within quick contact.

In addition, we are as well offering keyword based and dedicated short code service for local operators both Du and Etisalat. Based on the requirements of the business, you could register short code through dedicated short code intended for brand identity or in long term use and through simple keyboard-based short code only for a one time campaign. We also offered shared short codes and dedicated short codes to brands based on the needs as well. Some great examples of SMS Short Codes would be Gym for Fitness First Exclusive Admissions and BURGER for combo deals and a chance of winning free voucher.

There are as well numbers of great benefits if you are to consider SMS Short Code in UAE.

Short code could be shortcut of a telephone number wherein most companies would use in terms of mobile marketing.
There will also be an assurance that short codes could be easier to type and remember compared with the idea of using the entire number of telephone.
Easy registration is also guaranteed wherein it would only require trade license copy. Short codes could as well identify your brand entity or your business.
In terms of fees and charges, there will only be setup charges together with the Etisalat and Du monthly fees.
Observe feasibility as well through online control panel in order to view the response of the recipients.

SMS Shortcode UAE is of great help in many ways so choosing SMS Marketing in UAE could be a wise decision to consider. With numbers of benefits that are being offered by our SMS advertising services, you will be guaranteed with success in business marketing. SMS Marketing UAE is simply the best choice if you are to consider SMS advertising compared with other types of marketing. And, SMS Short Code UAE could make SMS marketing a lot easier and faster.