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Selecting the Right Genesis Developer

Web development is the basic need of every website and every business owner to keep continue its online presence needs Web Development Company.

Below is a simple overview of Genesis Web developers of Dubai and a breakout of different types of service providers.

• Fixer –

The fixers are people who jump in when something goes wrong. You’d be surprised at how many funny situations I’ve read about in email. It happens. Especially if you’re a real person hacking a PHP file and you can’t read PHP code. WP Site Care is a perfect example of a fixer. They jump in and just fix things. Simple and quick is their specialty. If you have a small project, you’ve lost your logo, or you’ve locked yourself out of your site, WP Site Care will rescue you and do it quick. They’re so good, they should really wear superhero capes.

WordPress Developer

The WordPress developer is our community’s core. They are the heart of Genesis and the good people who participate within the community and play active roles in it. They are not designers, but true coders who know the ins and outs of Genesis. They can transform a PSD design file into Genesis or help wrangle some code into an awesome plugin. They will eagerly identify themselves as “developers” and will also quickly state they do not do design. If you need solid coding, this is a great option for you.

Design Firm

The design firm is typically the most expensive group and this is because you are hiring a team. At a minimum, you have a graphic designer and a coder. On a Web Savvy project, you get a graphic designer, a developer for PSD to Genesis conversion, a developer for code audit and server migration, a content entry specialist, an SEO consultant, and a project manager. That’s a whole lot of people, which provides a well-rounded project, but also higher project rates. Design firms can be smaller firms like ours or large firms that work on larger-scale projects for enterprise customers. The benefit of hiring a firm is you get a solid team executing your project.