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Responsive web design at BBC News- Users Need to acknowledge it

As BBC have different users who view the content of BBC from number devices such as tablet, blackberry, Ipad and others. Therefore BBC needs a site in order serve the all these different users. Along this, it has to ensure all the users get the same content. For users of low end devices receive just the very basic experience of a website while other high end devices user get better experience because Java script application is layered on the top of the website to improve the experience of the user. Usually users need specific Website Designing Company that can explore users experience.


For images on the website, the website holds dummy images to hold space for real images so that placeholder can calculate the place of images and then get the same sized image from the server or Website Designer Dubai. This will help the user to save the time they used spent on download heavy images or images which takes more space in the computer. For Smartphones needs simple and flexible structure of the news site and so the BBC team decided to use 12-column fluid grid with fixed gutters, so that columns can contract on a small device, or enlarge on a larger screen.

The BBC team uses Behavior Driven Development (BDD) tests, to test the browser window by changing its size to ensure that all responsive windows components are working. The Snappy Snaps, it allows the testers to take screen shots of live website to examine these in a sandbox. The team of BBC has objective to check the real time user experience by monitoring them, check whether all the components are performing well or not? And also to resolve the error which arises while using the website by the user. This will also the disclose the fact that whether the website Design Dubai has a problem or the device through which the website which has been reviewed.