Responsive design site: how to create it?

Today the internet is above all mobile browsing. The more technologies evolve, the more Internet users’ habits change: we consult the web more and more, from anywhere, anytime, on all types of devices. In the street, abroad, with friends, in the waiting room at the doctor’s, at the restaurant, on the train …

A significant presence on the net is therefore no longer possible at all, without the Designing of a responsive website, perfectly suited to all mobile devices.

How to create a really effective responsive design site, which allows a truly memorable and pleasant user experience on tablets or smartphones? Let us study together this question more topical than ever!

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Creating a responsive design website: what exactly does it consist of? 

To have a responsive design site means having a site that:

  •  Displayed correctly on all types of connected devices, including mobile devices
  •  Corresponds to the criteria required by Google for good SEO
  •  Presents comfortable navigation for the user, whether on desktop or laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Creating a responsive design website: why has it become essential?

In 2021, dare we say it, we can no longer talk about web designing without integrating responsive design.

This, for at least two interrelated reasons:

  •  Internet users mainly browse on portable connected devices
  •  Google favors responsive sites in its ranking, and announced that it would reference the mobile versions as a priority, it is the mobile first .

Today, having a responsive design site is no longer an asset: it has become a necessity, without which you will be penalized.

The question then arises: how to create a responsive website worthy of the name?

How to create a responsive design site? 

To design a website optimized for mobiles, smartphones, and tablets, you have several possibilities, to be selected mainly according to your level in computing, but also according to your needs.

How to make my site responsive design, if I know how to code?

If you know HTML and CSS, you can use a suitable framework, which is open source and therefore free, for example by going to Twitter Bootstrap or Foundations.

A framework is a kind of virtual toolbox, which allows you to build a site, creating the layout you want, thanks to a grid system with columns, in which you can add your content. These frameworks also allow you to insert all kinds of customizable elements to your site, such as menus or buttons.

To create the mobile version of your site, you then adapt the layout to the different screen sizes. We recommend that you start with the desktop version, which you can then simplify to adjust to smartphones and tablets.

Make a responsive design website with a CMS

  • If you have built your site with WordPress, Joomla or Drupal … and you want to make it responsive,
  • Or if you have good computer skills, and you want to launch a web creation with a CMS

Note that this software gives you a lot of freedom of customization, but nevertheless remain very careful, because being very widely used in the world, these tools are constantly evolving and therefore require extremely frequent updates, especially in terms of security. . These updates are not automatic: you have to take care of them yourself, so you have to be very vigilant.

Here is how to proceed to create a mobile-friendly site with a dedicated web template, on a Content Management System (CMS):

  • You can find a template that suits you on a marketplace like Themeforest, for example
  • Check under what type of license the template you have chosen works
  • Be sure that the selected theme is guaranteed responsive design
  • Make sure your template is compatible with the version of your CMS
  • Find out about the popularity of the desired theme. The more widespread a theme, the more sophisticated it will be: the configuration possibilities will be greater, and will therefore require a little more configuration time.

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