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How to Avoid Google Thin Content Penalties

By thin the content means low quality content. Therefore, it is burden on SEO Dubai and marketers. Even after devaluation of low-quality content, the website of Google was full of this thin content or low quality content. After sometime, it was disclosed that people are using creating low quality content to attract cheap traffic by using back links, attractive keywords and duplicate content.

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Despite the fact low quality content may be there in any website whether you intent to have it or not, it would be hidden in between the high quality content or amongst the pages of high-quality content. However, the problem of using this content will be faced, the website owner or owners, which is that a SEO will lower you,’re ranking. Hence, it is essential to use quality content in order to improve your ranking of SEO in Dubai.

Owners of the website can identify what is thin content so that they can avoid having that kind of content into their websites. Here are some of the qualities of thin content. The simplest way to explain is the page which has no worth but it is created to build traffic on the website as it increase the popularity of website which will improve the ranking of the website. It won’t have valuable information or unique information which cannot be found on another website of same kind of product. But to conquer this all one need proper SEO Company Dubai services.

From Google s point of view the thin content is duplicate content which can be either copied from other website or somewhere else and the links of the content will not displayed on affiliated links. The thin content may have many images without any worthy reason and the content may have automatically generated. The page can be doorway page which can be where each page is used for each content which may result in poor quality content.