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How Much Does a Website Cost in Dubai 2021?

Dubai is the best town to make investments in the whole world. If you are looking for an alternative way to make money, consider buying a website for your business. The coronavirus has affected most companies operating offline. It has made people adjust and embrace digital shopping at a quick move.

Now that you’re willing to purchase a business website? You may be wondering about the cost of a website in Dubai. However, most web designers in Dubai will impose prices depending on the kind of features required. Though, most simple and small websites will go for approximately 15,000 AED. The most expensive website rich in various segments will cost you 50 000 AED, while a medium website will cost you AED 30,000.  Below are the influential factors used by web-designing Dubai companies to impose prices.



Based on our research, the most common technology used to make a various website is PHP and ASP.net. However, websites created of ASP.net are much better because;

  • The structure is made for your business’ purpose without templates.
  • It will fit all your business changes in the future.
  • It’s not easy for hackers to access the information on your website.

Size of the website

Website cost in Dubai will depend on the size of the website. Huge websites will take a longer time while designing hence becomes more expensive.


The Cost of the website in Dubai is largely impacted by the type of design used. There are different ways to design a website. A simple website with a simple structure normally takes five to ten pages. Its subjects are the business’ brochure, staff, services/products, and the company’s contacts. The website may cause lots of confusion to the clients; hence they may end up searching for your competitors’ website.

Best websites will have large images that are usually hand-drawn. All your clients looking forward to a business transaction in your company will enjoy exploring your websites. For instance, if your company has branding products, the kind of web designing structure should look creative and appealing to your clients.


A website that resembles a shop will require more time to design. Typically, they also have a place for customers to build a profile and add more details such as passwords and location. For the issue of payments, there should be a link for customers to pay easily; hence the cost of the website will increase.


Better shopping websites should have stable security to ensure any updates and information fed is safe from intruders. It’s better to pay more for the website in Dubai and have quality features.


Just like other business assets like vehicles, websites need maintenance at all times to work effectively. Many people will complain that their websites are taking a long time to update the changes required. It’s good to cooperate with your web design company Dubai to ensure your website is always in good condition.

In 2021, most businesses have shifted online, while some are operating both offline and online. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus infection, people never thought online business would work get embraced. However, offline corporations may completely collapse in the future. Upgrade today to be on the safe side.