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Google Updates Mobile Search: 2 Step Check to see if you should be Concerned or Celebrating

You may have heard about the new update on Google that will arrive in the near future. Google always tries to give better quality search results, so if your website will be following the best practices, you have to anticipate these updates, and not dread them.


It was expected that Google would release a new mobile crawler that can help it read Android apps and mobile sites better in order to determine quality websites. In turn, this is going to affect the pages on the search results for mobile users, because Google will be showing websites that are mobile-friendly over the websites that are not. Google said that it is going to be a big up, bigger than Penguin or Panda and these updates have really shocked up the rankings in the Google search engine in their time.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, the ranking of your site in the mobile search engine will most likely suffer. If your site is mobile-friendly, this will be great news for you. The websites above you in the search engine results will finally be getting their comeuppance and you will have the chance to get a ranking boost above these websites.

Check how your website will fare

1. The first step would be to check Google’s handy tool to see what your website’s results are. If you have a good score, your investment and foresight pay off. You are not only giving great user experience to your mobile visitors but you will now be rewarded by Google for that. You may also consider checking it out to see if you are getting any traffic increases after the Google update is released.

2. On the other hand, if things do not look good for your website, you can take a closer look at your data in Google Analytics in order to see how many users come to your website by means of organic search on a mobile device. To do this is just as simple as logging in to your Google Analytics account and choosing Mobile in the Audience section at the sidebar, then selecting “Overview”.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, look at your session/pages and bounce rate because they are going to give you an idea of how visitors react to your website. If your website is not doing well on the Google Mobile set, and you have seen the number of visitors you are getting from the mobile search, you have to know what will be the impact when you lose these visitors and what will benefit if you have more visitors. If you have been putting off building a mobile-friendly site, website designing company Dubai will be of big help, and perhaps now is the time to bite the bullet so you will not be left behind. Through Google Analytics, you will be able to check to see if you should be celebrating or be concerned in just 2 steps.