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Exclusive Ways Web Design Dubai Can Give Negative Impact on Your Sales

Internet users are creatures of habit. Many people prefer to read website content by scanning the page through F-pattern. Additionally the average web users just focus to read 28% of the text o page. This requirement for routine implements to the way web users prefer for website navigation. Here you can see some common errors you can avoid.

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Non-Standard Style

According to personal analytics, users expect to examine navigation areas in the same location on different pages of your website. If you begin with top navigation on the home page hold it that way on the remaining part of your site. Suddenly maintaining the position of your navigation area lower at the page in related locations of the site will create confusion in users mind. So need to keep it simple as it required for Web Designing Dubai.

Too Much Choice

According to news site Search Engine examine, too many navigation options can stuck a user and take them to great bounce rates. With so many competitors for your users attention, elegancy is needed. If you are the one having millions of products in your product line don’t present all of them on home page, Web Designers Dubai need to pick users attention before leading them into deeper pages.

The Wrong Order

The studies indicate users will click items more if they are towards the initial or end of a list. This is popular as the serial position effect. The basic solution to this dilemma is to place your least significant items at in center of the site navigation. However Dubai Website Designers need to consider different buttons and links. So always prefer while designing as it in real words has great influence upon your website with great user experience.