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Email Marketing UAE – The Dos And Don’ts For The Year

Email marketing is a very strategic, useful and powerful tool. Though many think its fading or don’t find it useful, they are pretty much wrong. The trend keeps on gaining popularity and growing. Considering that Gmail alone has over a billion users, the trend can never die.


Email Marketing UAE is not a dead concept, but with time, it’s getting a bit tough since the competition is fierce out there. So to make it better, you need to find a few tricks and guidelines that will help make the most of the marketing through email strategy.

To begin with, you should consider sending emails to those in your contact you know will take interest and respond. If you have a list with a very low engagement and opens, you need to change it right away. Remember, sending to a list that has low engagement and response will only hurt the reputation of your domain.

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Before you send an email, you need to set some goals for it. If you don’t have a goal, the recipients won’t know it and they won’t be interested in it. Therefore, set a goal and only then send the email for better Email Marketing in UAE.

Personalizing emails to check if they really work or not is a good practice. For instance, if you address the recipient with his/her name will likely have a better chance of opening than the one without the name. But don’t make personalization too complication. Stick to the basic and go with it. Personalize according to the client’s name and company’s name for better response.

These tricks will help get better and more positive responses for your email marketing strategies.