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Email Marketing in UAE Tracking And Analyzing Results

Email marketing in UAE can be a very crucial strategy. When you are spending so much time, money, and effort on the campaign, you want results as well.

Otherwise, it’s all just waste of your resources. So how can you get the best out of your campaign? Well, the key to it is tracking your results and analyzing them to see where things are heading.


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You need to get familiar with a few concepts like CMR, click-through rate and open rate etc. These will help you understand how your strategy is working and how successful it is.

You need to have CRM to view each and everything. It provides a detailed report of your campaign with key data that is useful in many ways. You can see through that report where you lag and where you’re doing well.

You can also check who opened your email and who clicked on the links inserted in the email. You will have a number of those people who are interested in your emails and would want to hear from you again. You can then shortlist these people and make your campaign more effective and successful.

Another thing you need to identify is the emails your audience is interested in. For instance, certain people may be interested in one offer and certain in others. You can identify these people, divide them into categories and send emails according to their requirements for successful Email Marketing UAE.

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