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Dubai Logo Design – Updating Your Logo

Rebranding is a common practice these days. Every business or brand wants to have their logo redesigned after a certain few years. Though it’s a good practice, but how far should you take it is the important question. Some brands, when having their logo redesigned, do not consider this crucial factor and later on they have to face a lot of problems.


To begin with, never ever forget that a logo is the identity of a company, brand or business. When you have a logo designed by a professional logo designer, a lot of effort and goes into making this identity unique and creative. The logo represents the brand. People remember the business by its logo.

When a brand has its logo redesigned to something completely new and different, it might confuse its audience or annoy perhaps. It’s hard for people to adopt changes at times. Minor changes are acceptable but a completely new outlook will only make things bad. Same way, when a brand changes its logo to a different one, people are annoyed and confused and they might even not purchase the services or products of the brand, no matter how good the brand has been.

When you plan for a change in your logo, ask your Dubai Logo Design professional to make the slightest changes possible. In fact, a good designer will also suggest you the same. Slight changes are good and a good habit too. But the more the change, the harder it gets for the audience. Stay up to date, stay with the flow but don’t go overboard with that.

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