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Content is King, Engagement is Queen, and Both Need Crowns


The defining characteristic of both King and Queen is their crown. Royalty with no crown will easily be mistaken for a commoner, and the same is true for the engagement and content of a web-designing Dubai. Images define components that sets apart completing both your engagement and your content potential. In a digital world in which we are being bombarded with volumes of content, god content may be missed by the masses that are prone to skim by means of posts. The solution is visually enchanting the viewer pulling them into the post by means of using photos.

Furthermore, a blog post may lag behind content with lesser quality in engagement and social shares simply due to the lack of hooks provided by images. Images act as the hook in order to bring the viewer in, deeper. A post that has great content is just a commoner unless they are able to complete the post with value-adding images. There are 3 ways that you can use in blog posts to add crown value to your web designing Dubai.

1. Capturing attention

To start out with a photo that is able to draw attention, can pull a skimmer deeper into the content itself.

2. Summarizing the key points

A summary image can be an infographic of the primary points or a visual that will recap a key point. For instance, you can make a pyramid for the most important to the least important things, or you can also use the pyramid for the first step to the last step for the smallest slice with the result of the steps at the peak.

3. Creating a call to action

An image may be the difference between content and a sale on a web design in Dubai. When photos are used in blog posts in order to encourage the viewer to action, the result will increase.

The images on your blog are not only capturing the visitor’s attention, but they also allow more and greater social sharing. The key point is to make your photos large enough to become valuable. For instance, Facebook Post Ads for links have a suggested size of 600 by 325. This dimension of image will fill the news feed area, creating a visual impact within Facebook. On the other hand, Pinterest has more of the so-called “repines” of photos when the height is greater than the width, like 600 by 900, an infographic type.

Thereby, a combination of images could be of significance, or at least knowing what your dominant social sharing objective is and making photos on the blog that will fit these criteria. You should not succumb to the belief that you are not a designer of a great web designing Dubai; there are image tools online for creating great visuals, which are able to give you the head start that you need. So, you need to make sure that you wear your crown by means of completing your blog post with visual images. This will help your blog post more attractive, capturing, and valuable, especially with the help of web designing Dubai.