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Common Search Engine Optimization errors one should ignore-Users Must Know

SEO Services has been playing important part in the ranking of website but there has been increasing trends in errors of SEO. However, some errors are easy to find and fix while others are not easy to find and fix. Some of the errors are listed below:

seo errors

To tag a page as a home page or with any other name for the website is important for SEO as it allow to rank the website according to its homepage. Therefore using meaningful keywords for the homepage is important otherwise, as it will rank as it ranks other website. Having the same title tag for number of pages is useless unless you want the ranking according to one keyword by SEO. Therefore, you should have different title tags for each page of website as it will allow to rank in accordance with different keywords on SERP.

The website should not use the duplicate content, as it would also lead to lower of the website. Therefore the content of website should be fresh and newer as SEO such as Google does not like copied content. The Google always excludes the duplicated content from its results, as it wants to increase the user experience for using Google. Displaying the links on the homepage of your website is useless as it visitors will see the links but every links get tiny amount of traffic. Hence, you need to channel and control it and this all is possible with SEO Company Dubai.

Lets take an example that if you have 100 pages of your website but if Google in its result show 10 or 15 pages then you may have a problem where your site is considered to be as un-crawl able site. The number of pages can be counted through Google using command know as “site.”It is also useless to have a meaningless expectations from SEOs because you cant get the position in top 5 unless you worth it. Sometimes SEO Services helps to get their keeping into mind the design and content of the website should the best.