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The top 5 best real estate CRM software

CRM software has to be the one that helps you with the business interactions and communication and understanding the client prospects and other leads for your company. Real estate CRM software is focused more on providing marketing prospects to the business. Moreover, it will help with the sales prospect and with the automation of the sales process. The CRM software that is more focused on real state also helps with email marketing and managing the leads for every company. The marketing automation will also be apart of the CRM software, and the Salesforce automation will also be covered by the CRM software that is focused on real estate. The real state CRM software helps the client with better prospects, and diesel state software will help the brokerage firms the most.

The top 5 best real estate CRM software

There is plenty of Property Management software available that you can use for recording client information. The CRM software for the real state also helps with the management of the sales that are also in process. Moreover, the real estate CRM software will help with the management of relationships and communication with new clients and previous clients. The software will help with the workflow and tasks in the pipeline for the real estate company.

But are you wondering what the best real estate CRM software is? Check the list below for the five Best CRM software for real estate.


The Contactually is the best overall real state CRM software that starts at a meager cost. It is one of the best software because it offers automated personalized messages and offers a free trial for up to 2 weeks. It is not only for a single agent, but it is also great for small and even large brokerage firms.

You can use the custom and automated templates for creating personalized messages for every individual client. It is a software that offers easy segmentation of the contacts; moreover, it is a complete tool that is great for handling the business of every scale.

Some of the Other Incredible features of this CRM software include bulk messaging daily to get new leads. Moreover, it also has a mobile application and helps with providing insight into the contacts.


Streak is another one of the best real estate CRM for better Gmail integration. It is a free CRM software for necessary use; however, you will have to pay for premium plans. The premium plan starts from $15 and higher. Moreover, it is perfect for individual users, and you can start any day for free.

It is a great way to manage your leads for your business. It is great software for managing everything in just one place. It is super easy to use and does not have any glitches. Itis helps not only the individuals but also the larger teams as when. However, for Pro-level features, you need to get a paid subscription.


The brokerage firms looking for the real estate CRM software must use the property base CRM. It is a property management software that will help the brokerage firms. It will help you manage delete sources, and it will also help you automate the follow-up requests. This software also comes with a 14-day trial, and for later use, you will need to get a quote.

This real estate software is a perfect choice for the brokerage firms looking for a wide range of features and solutions for their company. It will help with marketing solutions, but it will also help with website building and lead generation. There are up to 60 + countries and 200 thousand agents who are using this CRM software. PropertyBase is a perfect choice for any size of business. This CRM software will also manage your contacts and will help you in generating automated responses as well.

Property-based will help you with the smart listing of the database, and it will also help you with automating the workflow. The calendar integration and managing of the listing will also be the benefit that you will get from this CRM software. There is a lot more than you can get from this real estate software, but you will need to research a little bit more about the software.

Wise agent 

The wise agent software is another one of the CRM software for the real estate companies. However, it is a better choice to use this real estate software for small teams and companies. It is an affordable solution and comes with the support of 24/7.

This software is a great choice for marketing campaigns and also reporting tools. It will provide you our clients with the monthly newsletter, and it also has to offer social media integrations. There is the feature of landing pages customized, and it has an exceptional client handling customer service.

Other features of this CRM software include the Commission reports and the lead automation. It also offers the landing pages tool and helps you with the contact management and time management tools. There are some other incredible features of this real state software as well.

Real Geeks 

When you need an all in one real estate property management software, then the real Geeks is the best option. It comes with the website tools that will help you with custom workflow and automated lead routing. Moreover, it will help you with attracting and managing the leads. It will help with the marketing of your business and also managing the workflow of your business. It is an excellent choice for all brokerage firms. It helps you with email marketing and custom workflow. Moreover, it will also help with activity reports and social media marketing tools.

These are some of the topmost real estate CRM software that you must check. This Property Management software will help you out with better Lead Management and also the marketing of your business.