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6 Web Design Trends We Can Expect To See More Often In Future

Who can forget about the GIFs on the 90’s or those up to date focus viewed on flat screen brought to us by web design Dubai? For the past years, there has been a wide surge in popularity when it comes to the responsive web design trends. Aside from that, there are also more sites that join in driving just to become mobile ready especially now that the wake of Google is giving a mobile friendly update to its users.

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The days of those overflowing pages, which are cluttered with information have passed. Today, they are being replaced by the increase of focus on the simplicity of user interface. Thus, to give honor of getting back to the basics, below are the 6 web design trends that you are going to see in the future to come.

Ghost Buttons and Line Icons

Because of the introduction of Apple iOS 7, you are now able to see the popular rise in the line of ghost button and iconography. Ghost buttons are those transparent buttons outlined with a very thin line. It allows creating a simple aesthetic that allows the button and the icons to appear lighter and serve as a support to those colorful illustrations and photography. They also become integral in the flat interface style that has grown very popular in the past years.

A No Header Background Image

In the past few years, brands are opting for a large and customized photography in the area of campaign. Images are appearing to be at its maximum width and run through the edge of those page and browser just like what we see in magazines. Those designs with print-based elements are still part of the web design trends but it is going to predict a less image and a simpler area for campaign. It allows a typography to take a stand and then remove all those visual distractions straight from the content.

Material Design

Material design is a web design trend that brings a maturation of flat designs. A popular technique used for the user interface design that focuses on the minimal use of color, clean shapes and typography.

Interactive Infographics

Users are more engage on joining web interactivity and data that makes browsing the web more fun. Users also find it more interesting because instead of a static image, a user can get navigations via info graphics.


Micro interactions give an excellent user experience as well as web design in details. The users are more inclined to notice a subtle interaction in a certain website. Having small animations engage the users and it makes the overall content more interesting.

A Full Screen Video

While minimalism continues to be new and hot, a full screen video and background continue to dominate. It has the ability to process and retain those visual images, which means that a quick hook is the only thing that it takes.

As web design trends continue to become more sophisticated, it is very much interesting how Dubai Web Designing Company interpret them for the people to look forward in the next years to come.