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3 SEO Dubai Strategies you will see in 2014

Search Engine Optimization continues to remain the mainstay for websites and blogs to appear on the top search engines. But, you will have to focus on some new features to ensure that your website appears in the SERPs. Usually, site owners and webmasters will outsource the SEO Expert in Dubai campaigns for their websites, eliminating the need for them to go deeper into the science of it. However, knowing what 2014 holds for their sites to rank higher, can prove to be helpful one or the other way. The following information can also give useful inputs to SEO experts so that they get more and better results.

1. Google+ Makes More Impact on SERPs

 Expect to see even more Google+ posts in SERPs. You can even come across some new search features. Google is going to test a few and implement fewer. Consider a breaking news and that there is an active community discussion about it on Google+. There is a good chance that Google’s new Dubai SEO Services algorithm is going to feature this discussion in the SERPs too.

2. Importance of Mobile Site Experience

Mobile, including smart phones and tablets, are going to overtake the desktop in terms of web access. Online retail has already witnessed the new revolution, and Google takes mobile user experience more seriously. Google doesn’t want to send users to websites that don’t offer a great mobile experience.

This simply means that if your website doesn’t offer a great mobile experience, you should be ready to see some drop in rankings in 2014. Mobile devices are already driving 20% of your website traffic – something you cannot afford to ignore. Besides using the web, SMS Marketing also offers an effective way to reach a larger number of target audiences.

3. Video Testimonials

 Testimonials have played an important role in convincing potential customers while giving a way to customers to express their feedback or concerns about products or services. Chances are that you are going to see video testimonials in near future. Videos are relatively easier to rank on search engines and their impact is profound. SEO Services Dubai will really have to take this strategy into account to help websites rank higher.

If you are a website owner or webmaster, make sure to hire an SEO Audit Dubai  that gives importance to these above-mentioned SEO strategies. You don’t want to be ignoring them in the near future.

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