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10 Interesting Calligraphy Fonts

10 Interesting Calligraphy Fonts

10 Interesting Calligraphy Fonts. Dubai graphic designers are experts in creating visual concepts by hand or just by using different software of the computer. It will help them inspire ideas and captivate people’s attention. Dubai is known to be one of the leading cities of the United Arab Emirates which provides the best graphic designs and designers. They develop different designs for applications such as brochures, reports, advertisements, and magazines using different fonts and styles. Following are some of the unique 10 Interesting Calligraphy Fonts which are going to be helpful in certain aspects.

Graphic design Dubai:

Dubai has been the leading city of UAE which provides the best designers, also it is famous for perfect design and artistry. The biggest companies have plenty of graphic designers which manifests in better advertisements across the world.

List of Best Interesting Calligraphy Fonts

1. Champignon

If you are searching fonts for writing an invitation, titles, placeholders etcetera. Instead of writing text and long paragraphs, you’d probably go for this font as it looks classy, formal, and moreover decorative.  

2. Alex Brush

This font looks classic and also clear to read along with spaces in between letters so that it can become easy for writing dense paragraphs of text.

3. Easy November

Easy November is considered one of the exaggerated fonts as you can you it for writing titles, stickers, calendars etcetera. Make brochures for marketing purpose because it is highly eye-catching and reader-friendly.

4. Balqis

You should go for an option-like basis whenever designing an artistic project, more likely to design a book cover or presentation. It is so not formal but very humble and user-friendly.

5. Lamar Pen

Why does it call Lamar? Because a designer named Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar designed it. As it is a work of art and a perfect calligraphy font so it provides a touch of jazz and elegance which looks even prettier in combined form.

6. Great Day

This font seems to be conservative and nostalgic, moreover, professionalism works here even when you make presentations, titles, or playful signs. Easy to read and has spaces between each font, this too is considered as a perfect font for calligraphy.

7. Cygnet

The most adjusted font without those curls in it, as observed in another font for calligraphy. Cygnet has a variety of characters that can emphasize the letters more prominently.

8. Adreno script

Whenever it comes to making your calligraphy a little playful yet lighthearted then you would definitely go for an option like Adreno script, as it provides the font of your need.

9. Bukhari script

Bukhari script is one of the fonts which are really going to help in shading and is bold. Nostalgia comes out from this font as it is old enough but versatile at the same time.

10. Kristi

Kristi is one of the fonts which show quick moves when typing because it has made with a general, felt pen. There are different characters found in ascenders and descenders as well. You must know that it is designed by Birgit pulk who was a well-known graphic designer in Estonia.

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List of Best Interesting Calligraphy Fonts 2023 - Free Download
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